Youth Martial Arts

Youth Martial Arts

Our Martial Arts program is for children ages 8-12. It focuses on building self-confidence, promoting fitness, self-defense and following the 5 Tenants and 3 Student Creeds.

5 Tenants                      3 Student Creeds
Courtesy                             Knowledge in the Mind
Integrity                             Honesty in the Heart
Perseverance                     Strength in the Body
Indomitable Spirit


Martial Arts will help improve basic motor skills for your child. Your child will learn how to express themselves, interact with others respectfully and also learn in a way that will help them in other areas of life.

This program will give your child the skills for self-defense and also reach goals they never knew they could achieve.

Our goal is to inspire and encourage your child. We teach Martial Arts in a disciplined manner but the easiest way to learn something new is to have fun. Nobody likes to be yelled at or criticized. We cater to your child’s needs. Say for example you want your child to focus better, we will work on that skill. Or maybe your child needs more self-control, we will do that too! The great thing about our Youth Martial Arts program is that your child will constantly be working on various life skills to help them excel in life!